Society and The Environment


Caring for society and the environment has always been part of the ethical foundation of the companies of the Renner Herrmann S.A. group. As a group that was created in the chemical industry, it understands and follows the strictest environmental protection regulations, which are also followed by its companies in other segments.

Relat has an operational license issued by FEPAM (the environmental protection agency of the state of Rio Grande do Sul) and actively attempts to find a solution for the environmental issue of disposing of fresh liquid whey in the nature.


Today, the liquid whey, “in natura”, is directly thrown into rivers and streams due to the few opportunities to use this raw material, thus polluting the environment. By processing and industrializing whey, not only are ecosystems protected, but an opportunity is created for cheese manufacturersproducer to expand their production, which is currently limited due to the difficulties involving residue disposal. Therefore, in addition to expanding the possibilities for cheese producers, processed whey powder becomes an important raw material for the food industry and a solution for environmental protection.